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Technical expertise is important for my projects.   XDD is flexible, likable, and not expensive relative to the services they provide. Unlike some companies who do things the same way every time, XDD is very agile when confronted with changing site conditions. Abbie K. Baker

Environmental Attorney

Midwest Thermal SVE System

Midwest Thermal Soil Vapor Extraction System

Air Sparging and Soil Vapor Extraction

XDD is nationally recognized in the design, evaluation and implementation of air sparging and soil vapor extraction (AS and SVE), and thermally enhanced SVE (TSVE) technologies for a variety of contaminants of concern.

XDD personnel have employed SVE technologies at hundreds of sites in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

XDD staff helped pioneer these remedial technologies with the first U.S. application of air sparging in 1989 and later authored the American Petroleum Institute’s Air Sparging Guidance Document. Furthermore, XDD — working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — developed an SVE closure program for the Picillo Farm Superfund Site in Coventry, RI which subsequently served as the basis for the EPA’s national SVE site closure guidance document.

XDD has vast experience evaluating, designing, and implementing AS/SVE systems in conjunction with other technologies such as oxygen biosparging, bioventing,, biostimulation, and aerobic trench systems. Our experience allows XDD to:

  • Quickly and efficiently determine the applicability of AS and SVE for your site conditions, including:
    • Surface and soil permeabilities
    • Subsurface utilities and other potential short circuiting mechanisms
    • Potential for reduced pore-flushing due to low permeability site or soil features
    • Radius of influence investigations and modeling for vadose and saturated zones
  • Help set realistic cleanup goals based upon sound science and engineering
  • Estimate clean-up times relative site COCs and the magnitude of impact
  • Model the impact of a SVE remedy on future soil leaching criteria
  • Supply guidance on best available practices
  • Provide credible representation to regulators and the public

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Seasonal Air Sparging and Soil Vapor Extraction System at Dover Superfund Landfill