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Technical expertise is important for my projects.   XDD is flexible, likable, and not expensive relative to the services they provide. Unlike some companies who do things the same way every time, XDD is very agile when confronted with changing site conditions.

Abbie K. Baker

Environmental Attorney

Enhanced Bioremediation Injection - California Site

Enhanced Bioremediation Injection – California Site


Enhanced Bioremediation

XDD provides A to Z services with regard to the design, testing and implementation of in situ enhanced bioremediation technologies. In 2013, XDD acquired the laboratory equipment and microbial cultures from Bioremediation Consultants, Inc. (BCI), incorporating one of the premier biotreatability laboratories in the country with XDD’s own services. XDD can now provide in-house biotreatability  and bioaugmentation microcosm studies in support of our designs, offering a complete ISB evaluation and design package. Each of these services can be used individually, but the best results are obtained when these services are used together as part of an integrative approach.

These services include:

  • XDD’s decades of experience and recent acquisition of BCI.
  • Anaerobic and aerobic technologies for common and emerging contaminants.
  • Microcosm Studies:  XDD provides the ability to bench test several enhanced bioremediation technologies at once and can use either XDD’s in-house microorganisms for bioaugmentation or those naturally occurring in the site soil and groundwater.
  • Design and Engineering:  XDD has designed enhanced bioremediation projects using several different application strategies. Our in-depth understanding of in situ bioremediation remediation and enhancement methods allows us to recommend the optimal solution for each site.
  • Implementation:  XDD is renowned for our high quality implementation services with a stellar health and safety record.

XDD has given multiple presentations on enhanced bioremediation:

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