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Technical expertise is important for my projects.   XDD is flexible, likable, and not expensive relative to the services they provide. Unlike some companies who do things the same way every time, XDD is very agile when confronted with changing site conditions. Abbie K. Baker

Environmental Attorney

ZVI Mixing via ALLU Bucket

In Situ Chemical Reduction – ZVI Mixing via ALLU Bucket

In Situ Chemical Reduction

XDD provides A to Z services with regard to the design, testing and implementation of in situ chemical Reduction (ISCR) technologies.  Each of these services can be used individually, but the best results are obtained when these services are used together as part of an integrative approach. These services include:

Bench Scale Treatability Tests:

XDD provides one of the nation’s leading  bench testing facilities.


XDD has designed a significant number of projects using several different application strategies depending upon the site geology and project goals.


XDD is renowned for our high quality implementation services with a stellar health and safety record. We have successfully implemented ISCR to treat both large and small sites with numerous site-specific challenges. Our engineers and scientists have experience in the following chemistry systems:

  • Zero Valent Iron (ZVI)
  • Bi-Metallic Particles
  • Metal Sulfides