Remedial Strategy Development

XDD’s remediation peer review process allows for a thorough analysis and determination of the most appropriate site remedy by drawing on XDD’s expertise in a wide range of remediation technologies as well as our sound understanding of risk assessment and state and federal regulatory requirements.  XDD uses our on-site laboratory to assist in our remediation peer review process and complete in-depth technology evaluations that identify and avoid potential failures.

Hybrid Strategies

In many cases, more than one remediation technology is required as part of an optimal strategy.  Hybrid strategies can vary from simple source excavation and disposal with monitored natural attenuation for the groundwater plume to innovative applications of in situ chemical oxidation coupled with enhanced in situ bioremediation or biostimulation.

Remediation Peer Review

Remedial applications can be a significant expenditure toward achieving site goals.  In the same way it is often advisable to get a second medical opinion for a major health care decision, it makes financial sense to have XDD conduct a second look.  XDD regularly conducts peer reviews of site:

  • Conceptual models
  • Remedial strategies
  • Treatability or pilot testing results

Through our remediation peer review process and strategy development, we often are able to avoid financial pitfalls (failures) and have been able to convince regulatory agencies to amend governing site documents.

Expert Testimony

XDD personnel have more than 35 years of remediation technology selection, design, and implementation experience, making our staff uniquely qualified to provide expert testimony.

XDD was selected because we wanted someone who would listen and understand the issues at the site. Bringing XDD into the project didn’t save short term funds, but it did save 5 years of extra time on the project and ultimately produced savings for the clients.  XDD’s work verified that the project was going down the right path, reassuring the PRP group.

Benne C. Hutson

Partner, McGuireWoods LLP

Michael Marley, Founder and Principal

XDD has provided expert testimony in court cases and patent infringement proceedings related to both in situ and ex situ remedial technologies and contaminant fate and transport.