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Technical expertise is important for my projects.   XDD is flexible, likable, and not expensive relative to the services they provide. Unlike some companies who do things the same way every time, XDD is very agile when confronted with changing site conditions.

Abbie K. Baker

Environmental Attorney

XDD Environmental is a consulting firm that focuses on the evaluation, design, and implementation of diverse environmental remedial technologies.  The qualitative services provided by our team of experienced engineers and scientists in the field of in situ remedial services gives us a remarkable edge above our competitors here in the United States and internationally. It is our sincere intention to bring this wealth of experience and work ethic to each of our clients.

A sampling of the remedial technologies we have innovated and successfully implemented for our clients are:

Each of these services are supported by our in-house bench testing and treatability laboratory.  The ability to bench test each of these technologies prior to implementation, allows XDD Environmental to both identify failure mechanisms and refine anticipated costs.