XDD Environmental is recognized nationwide for our expertise and experience with in situ remediation technologies.  XDD Principals have been focused in the design and implementation of remedial technologies since  subsurface remediation first gained traction in the early 1980’s. Consider the cost of doing the same job twice.  In situ remedial failures can be identified and avoided with proper treatability testing, design, and an experienced staff that understands how to adjust to site conditions during implementation.   Our reputation as remediation specialists within the industry drives our clients to seek out our services, especially at high profile or technically difficult sites – see our case studies for a sampling of these successful projects.

  • How Often Has XDD Met Project Goals? 97%
  • In Situ Projects: Change Project Course to Avoid Costly Remedy: 52%
  • Number of Projects that Came to Us with Previous In Situ Failures: 39%
One of their biggest advantages is that XDD gets the results they say they will, on schedule, and within budget. Christopher Gasinski

Senior Environmental Specialist, Tampa Electric